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“Speaking to Mark has helped me realise that I was not responsible for my abuse and has given me the freedom to enjoy my life with my husband and family. I felt totally at ease with Mark and I never felt judged in any way.”

Mark Ahern

B Sc Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy M.I.A.C.P.

I am a fully accredited member of the IACP -The Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and I work in accordance with their Code of Ethics. As a counsellor my work is person– focused and I view my role as ‘helper’ in supporting the person view their issues and increase their self – awareness. I tailor my approach to suit the individual. I work in a compassionate, caring, empathic manner which allows the person the space to resolve the issues which are getting in the way of their living a happy and fulfilled life. 

I ensure that my work remains of the highest standard by engaging in on- going professional development which includes attending workshops and further courses on many issues and various therapeutic approaches.


Whether you think you need just a few sessions to deal with an immediate problem or would like to work long-term on deeper issues, I can help! I have a wealth of experience in many mental health and relational issues and we work with adults of all ages.

I work in my private practice at two locations - Duagh Co. Kerry and Victoria Cross , Cork. If you wish to make an appointment or discuss any aspect of my work and its suitability for you please contact me by phone or e-mail.


Adolescent Counselling Services

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Alan Hackett

I am a fully accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist with IAHIP and I work in accordance with their code of ethics. I hold a Master’s degree in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy and specialise working with adolescents from the ages of 13-18. The teenage years can be a difficult and confusing time, where many issues arise. Family dynamics, peer pressure, bereavement, sexual identity, anxiety, anger, school refusal and body image are some of the issues that cause great distress.


I provide a client centred, non-judgmental approach and employ a variety of creative techniques allowing for many of these issues to be explored and worked through.


My main focus is on building a relationship with the young person, providing a warm and safe space for the individual to explore their world with compassion and empathic understanding, meeting them precisely where they are in their lives.

Art therapy, sand tray work and play therapy are just some of the creative mediums I use to support the young person in helping them share their story.

I work in my private practice in Victoria Cross, Cork. If you wish to make an appointment or discuss any aspect of my work and its suitability for you, please contact me by phone on 087 7474421 or e-mail



Being a parent is often talked about as one of the joys of life. However, it can equally be a time of
great stress and anxiety.

Even in the best family environments, circumstances can result in very challenging issues for parents. Issues such as parental separation, bereavement, sexual identity, peer pressure, school related issues and the adolescent transitional stage can cause great stress and strain

We welcome the opportunity to support both the induvidual and the family to address parenting issues in a positive way. The therapeutic aim is to focus on reducing stress and improving parent child relationships. This will help to improve the daily lives and wellbeing of the child/adolescent and the parent/s, thereby improving family life in general.

We believe that a strong family unit can provide everyone with a sense of belonging, value and a vital network for social support and success.


Life - Work Balance


Many people find  their work has become all- consuming leaving little time for self- care and relationships. Work may be so demanding that they feel overwhelmed and trapped by the constant need to perform. This sometimes can result in damage to self- esteem and isolation. Relationships with family and friends can suffer which increases anxiety and feelings of desperation.

I work with a person to improve their life – work balance by helping them see that while work is causing stress it is one part of their life not their whole life. This is not to underestimate the pressure of their work but to help develop practices of self -care which will create more balance, reduce anxiety and lead to a happier life with family and friends.

Important Covid 19 update: Online Counselling is available here.


Counselling & Psychotherapy, at its core, is a searching human relationship where client and counsellor are committed to finding answers to the client’s difficulties.


This is facilitated by me as therapist working to the highest professional standards in a compassionate, respectful and confidential space.

The goal of counselling is to enable the client to live a more peaceful and fulfilled life.

A wide variety of emotional, psychological and relationship difficulties can be helped by Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" - Maya Angelou.

Field of Chrysanthemums
Sometimes it is difficult to clearly see the wood from the tree as your view may be impaired .
Issues I Can Help You With


“I first went to Mark with work stress issues. After 2 sessions, I decided I could trust him with my real issue – my addiction to pornography. Mark helped me see that my addiction was my avoidance of a part of myself. Working with Mark helped me explore this difficult side of me and with this came freedom and I now no longer view porn. It has given me back the ability to enjoy life with my wife and family.”


Contact Details

Phone: 0868108330


I work in my private practice at two locations:

Duagh, Listowel,  Kerry

The Therapy Rooms, Victoria Cross, Cork 

During our first meeting we will discuss your reasons for attending and we will come to a decision as to whether further sessions will be helpful. This also gives you the opportunity to decide if you feel I am the right person to work with you.

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